Who We Are

Avalon Nightclub, the internationally renowned super-club has been energizing Mohegan Sun since October 2013!

Avalon Mohegan Sun is the newest premiere location for nightlife experience. Avalon features incomparable, state of the art audio visuals, awe inspiring lighting and the most impressive Avalon EAW sound system. The Avalon EAW sound system is a high output, full range system delivering the most in power and clarity. Avalon by EAW uses a single, coxial mid/high driver, low frequency cones for clear bass sounds and the sub bass technology represents an entirely new platform designed exclusively for the dance club community. Avalon EAW is the newest and most revolutionary system in the country and is featured at the Delano Hotel and 1Oak in Las Vegas. The all-new Avalon by EAW sets a new benchmark for club sound and its presence will define “state-of-the-art” in the global dance club community. Avalon by EAW delivers the ultimate dance club sound experience for those who seek the very finest life has to offer.

Avalon is a 10,000 square foot venue that features stunning décor by Mark Ottmann Design. Avalon offers the finest in VIP treatment, including an extensive drink menu and bottle service. The entertainment acts draw the most exciting crowd and showcase the most unparalleled and unmatched production of any club on the East Coast today. Avalon Mohegan Sun joins in the ranks of the franchise which includes Avalon Hollywood, Avalon Singapore, Avalon San Diego and Avalon Boston, one of the most legendary club’s in Boston’s history.

Avalon Mohegan Sun is a non-stop party that will leave you wanting more. Avalon will meet the high caliber tastes and demands of it’s party goers.

General Inquiries

If you would like to send us some feedback or simply ask us a question, please click here to send us an email. Or call us at (860) 862-7042.


Interested in working with us? Please email your resume to [email protected], with the subject line – Avalon Career Opportunities – and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hours of Operation

We are open Friday and Saturday from 9:00 PM – 1:45 AM.